About Living Pearl

You are a Living Pearl.  Unique, ever evolving, and growing with the seeds and circumstances that have made you who you are.

Inspired by the only gemstone created by a living organism, Living Pearl is a lifestyle brand designed for those who express their uniqueness through fashion and accessories, and are not bound by passing trends.

Pearls form naturally, layer by layer, each slowly acquiring its own unique glow and symmetry - a wild beauty hidden inside the shell of a living mollusk. Living Pearl is a carefully crafted and curated expanding line of jewelry and free flowing garments that stand apart from seasonal fashion trends. Like its namesake, Living Pearl has a quirky charm, timeless and unique - a fierce and quiet beauty all its own.  

About Isa

Isa Kriegeskotte is an artist, designer and couture tailor. Described in the Hollywood Reporter as “a secret weapon whispered about among red carpet stylists like Erin Walsh and Kate Young,” Isa is widely regarded as a master of her craft. Raised in a creative household, Isa’s genius in deconstructing garments emerged early in her teenage years, alongside a unique and quirky artistic style that manifested in psychedelic ink drawings, gouache and watercolor paintings, and fiber arts. Following the example set by her grandmother (who illustrated for Women’s Wear Daily and designed and was a pattern maker in the NYC fashion scene for the likes of Norma Kamali and Bijan) Isa earned her degree in fashion from Savannah College of Art and Design. She has subsequently held positions with The New York City Ballet costume shop, Rod Keenan New York and Burton Snowboards. During her independent career as the freelance “tailor to the stars” Isa worked regularly with Givenchy, W Magazine,  Vogue as well as an A-List roster of clientele including musicians and movie stars.  (You can learn more about her tailoring career here; www.isastitches.com & @isastitches) 

In 2018, Isa decided to turn her creative eye inward and developed a line of flowing garments fine and costume jewelry. In 2021, the next step in this evolution began with the official launch of Isa’s line, Living Pearl.