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Round Top with Mary Hollis Architecture and The Halles, Paper City Magazine.

Texas is a big state.  Since starting to spend part of my time there when covid began/ I left LA, I have been seeking out the parts of Texas that might offer me inspiration and joy.  The Round Top antiques show is something that has come up over and over throughout this search, and I was excited to come together with my two friends to explore the show for the first time.  My dear pal Mary Hollis, her partner Spencer, and I headed up early in the morning the last day of the show not sure what to expect.  Our first mistake was going the last day of the show, what we definitely did not mess up on is bringing...

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Gabrielle Union for the Met Gala, 2021.

Revisiting my former life as a full time tailor, I joyfully reunited with my friends and colleagues for the Annual Met Gala in NYC.  After the covid year off from the event, it was an anticipated and exciting time to return and be a part of it once more.  I have worked about 10 Met Galas throughout my career, including working with designers who were hosting the event such as Stella McCartney, Givenchy, and Muiccia Prada to working with specific Celebrities who kept me with them as their personal tailor such as Sofia Vergara and Gabrielle Union.  This year, along with stylist Thomas Kikis, I worked with Gabrielle Union and her team to make sure her FABULOUS Iris Van Herpen gown was...

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